Dove shooting is an interesting and exciting activity carried out by people all over the world. People perform dove hunting as fun activity rather than a shooting spot. Beginners who learn about hunting can start with hunting doves. The preparation required for dove hunting is quite simple. You must make use of some complex skills to perform dove hunting. It is difficult to hunt doves as they are good acrobats.

The following tips would help hunters to perform better dove hunting.

Do not make use of a tight choke when you hunt a dove, as this might make it difficult to hit the dove. So it is always recommended to make use of improved cylinder and choke tube which offers broad pattern.

You must increase the pellets size as tiny pellet lose their energy when they are about to reach the target. The common pallet sizes used for dove hunting are 4s, 5s, and 6s.

You must always over exaggerate when you shoot; this might increase the chances of killing the dove successfully. You must position your barrel in front of the dove.

You must stay flat footed as this shooting stance would help in shooting the dove better. Look for the fields where you go for dove hunting and patch up the area and level them.

It is essential that you mount your gun correctly before focussing the dove. Be patient when you shoulder the hunting gun and place the stock on the cheek. This ensures that you do not aim high.

There are various quick decisions to be made when hunting a dove. So you must be prepared to shoot while you’re sitting. Thus you must practice shooting in the sitting position.

When you notice a bird flying in front of you, you must focus a few inches under the bird this strategy would help in hitting the bird from the front.

When you happen to see a group of doves flying, do not shoot them as a group but instead focus on a single dove and shoot it.

When you see a dove which is about to descend or land in a low area like a power line, fence, crop field, etc., allow it to descent. Make sure that the gun barrel hides the bird from your eyes and then you release the trigger.

Decoys can be made use of when you plan for closer shots.

Keep these simple yet useful tips while you are dove hunting and happy hunting!

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